About Us

French Connection.

Many years ago, our family hosted two French exchange students who told us of their grandfather, Phillippe De La Feronniere, a gentleman farmer from Paris who often visited Normandy to meet with the workers on his family's farms.

Phillippe was a lover of local products, especially Camembert cheese, and always brought back the farmers' products to his family.

Returning to Paris one day, Phillippe had an epiphany: to create a tray for easily and tastefully transporting cheese. His idea involved a handle that could be adapted to fit any size plate. His father Ernest, a renowned aeronautical engineer, helped him create a versatile, efficient design Phillippe used for his entire life.

Fortuitously, grandsons Loic and Jean Baptiste happened to have two of Phillippe's prototypes which they shared with us. Sensing enormous potential, we took an old idea and made it new and exciting again.